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Here's what some of Larry's songwriting coaching/mentoring clients have to say:

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Larry if you want your songwriting to get better. He is not afraid to tell you the truth about where you can improve and where you are doing just fine in the process of helping you create a good song. He is a very giving in his approach to the process and, just working with Larry for the first time, I realized I was not using all my abilities. I was letting a good song just be that, a good song, instead of using the tools he provided to possibly make it a great song. The process is always a lot of fun!
David Somerville, Singer-Songwriter
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

In my opinion, Larry Wayne Clark belongs among the finest country songwriters that Canada has ever produced. Larry is an extremely gifted writer with a proven track record in country music in Canada and Nashville. I enjoy co-writing with Larry immensely. Together we have written some fantastic songs that we are both exceptionally proud of. More importantly though, Larry has become my mentor in the classic sense of master and apprentice. I am proud to say that my growth as a songwriter, and the development of fine songs in my catalog, is a result of Larry's encouragement, his advice and his mentoring. I would highly recommend working with Larry to songwriters of all levels.
Doug Folkins, Songwriter
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada

I have worked with Larry for several years and he has been a great help to me. I never demo a song without his opinion. He does an excellent job helping me with lyrics, melody and chord progressions. He has helped me most with modern country, but other genres as well. He is also very skilled in producing a demo to sound the way it should. I have worked with other people, but Larry has helped me the most.
Gary Menszer, Songwriter
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I've been having mentoring sessions with Larry for two years now and my songwriting skills have grown at lighting speed. I have access to years and years of knowledge about songcraft as well as every aspect of the music business. Larry is inspiring, passionate, enthusiastic and creative and offers the chance to co-write a song with a Nashville-level pro writer in the comfort of my home. It's my dream to become a pro songwriter and, with Larry's mentoring, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, one by one, toward that goal. Thanks!
Martin Ouellet, Songwriter
Degelis, Quebec, Canada

Larry has been the most amazing mentor. He has taught so much about songwriting and more! Not too many people take a chance on a 15-year-old kid who they just met and agree to write with them. He has taken so many songs of mine and helped me turn them into gold. Larry is very good at helping songwriters find a direction and a purpose within a song. He formulates the words so that they work perfectly together and creates a melody that sticks in your head. Larry has become one of my dearest friends and I can't thank him enough for everything he has taught me.
Olivia Wik, Singer/Songwriter
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I was introduced to Larry in October 2012, and booked my first session with him shortly thereafter. I have found Larry's skill in developing melodies and arrangements, as well as his sense of what works lyrically, offered me the expertise that I needed to take my songs to the next level. His pleasant, professional demeanor, coupled with his talent in nurturing a budding songwriter, was exactly what I needed. And I had a lot of fun! I look forward to working with him again in the future! I highly recommend Larry to anyone who wishes to develop his/her skills as a songwriter.
Paula Tozer
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

I only have positive things to say about Larry Wayne Clark.
He is an absolute genius at what he does! I definitely look up to him as a songwriter.
He's humourous as well! He is an excellent teacher and a really good friend.
Our skype sessions have been very successful!
Thank you Larry!
Sophia Radisch
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada