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Song Of The Month

(Some months we can't choose just one!)

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July 2014    Shootin' The Breeze   mp3
June 2014    For Father's Day
  A Love Song For My Father   mp3
May 2014    On My Own   mp3
April 2014    A new cover of "I Wanna Live Like That" we like a lot!
March 2014    Something Celtic for St. Patrick's Day
  Godspeed You Back Home   mp3
February 2014    In honour of Valentine's Day
  Everyday Miracle   mp3
January 2014    A New Amen   mp3

December 2013    That's What Christmas Means To Me   mp3
November 2013    In honour of Remembrance Day / Veterans Day
  Remember Me   mp3
  Written with Ivan Boudreau. Watch the video on You Tube
October 2013    Hero   mp3
  Troubles No More   mp3
  Written with Mike Biggar and on his new CD "Feels Like Now"
September 2013    Kaleidoscope   mp3
August 2013    Cuando Bailamos   mp3
  Written with Halie Loren and on her new CD "Simply Love" released in Japan in   June and #1 on the Billboard Jazz chart!
July 2013    When He Runs With The Devil   mp3
June 2013    I Can Be Strong   mp3
May 2013    You Are My Song   mp3
April 2013    The Trouble Is You   mp3
March 2013    I've Got A Feeling  mp3
  Honoured to have written this song with Shane Guse of the Western Swing Authority,
  sung by Stacy Lee Guse, and included on their latest CD
February 2013    In honour of Valentine's Day
  Forever   mp3
January 2013    I Give It Up   mp3

December 2012    I'm Sending You My Heart This Christmas   mp3
November 2012    In honour of Remembrance Day / Veterans Day
  Soldier Mom   mp3
October 2012    With Me   mp3
  What You See Ain't All You Get   mp3
September 2012    I Hate To See a Cowboy Cry   mp3
August 2012    Ten Thousand Nights   mp3
July 2012    Going to Canadian radio this month
  Gotta Unwind - Rick Stavely   mp3
June 2012    In honour of Father's Day
  A Love Song For My Father   mp3
May 2012    Co-write with Ivan Daigle, Canada's Got Talent finalist
  Mama Don't Drink No More (worktape)   mp3
April 2012    Released to Canadian radio March 26
  I Don't Want To Love You Like That - Rick Stavely   mp3
March 2012    Released to Canadian radio February 27, 2012
  Better Than That - Craig Moritz   mp3
February 2012    Title track of Halie Loren's new CD to mark Valentine's Day
  Heart First   mp3
January 2012    Paintings In The Rain   mp3

December 2011    Co-write with Mike Biggar and title track of his Christmas album
  that won the 2011 Music NB Spiritual Album Of The Year Award
  The Season   mp3
November 2011    In honour of Remembrance Day / Veterans Day
  The Wall   mp3
October 2011    Tom Petty   mp3
September 2011    God Save This Workin' Man   mp3
August 2011    Wild Hair   mp3
July 2011    A couple of Mike Biggar co-writes to mark Canada Day
  My Heart Is Longing For Home   mp3
  Baby We're Us   mp3
June 2011    In honour of Father's Day
  A Love Song For My Father   mp3
May 2011    Released to Canadian radio in April
  Hillbilly Water - Brian Mallery   mp3
April 2011    Takin' It Slow   mp3
March 2011    Just Another Day   mp3
February 2011    Ripples On The Water   mp3
January 2011    Released to Canadian radio in January
  Dream Bigger - Jaydee Bixby   mp3

December 2010    Released to Canadian radio December 1
  Christmas With You - Mike Biggar   mp3
November 2010    Tango Lullaby - On Halie Loren's new CD "After Dark", released worldwide      mp3
October 2010    Heaven Only Knows   mp3
September 2010    Released to Canadian radio September 1
  What I Meant To Say - Francelle Maria      mp3
  Released to Canadian radio September 6
  Can't Hide In A Small Town - Tiffany Dowhan      mp3
August 2010    Waitin' On The Rain - On Misty Lee Olsen's new CD      mp3
July 2010    Blood      mp3
June 2010    Just A Boy      mp3
May 2010    Released to Canadian radio May 17
  Thank God For Second Chances - Bobby Wills      mp3
April 2010    So Help Me      mp3
March 2010    Don't You Think Jesus Got The Blues      mp3
February 2010    Rag Doll      mp3
January 2010    The Girl On The Radio      mp3
December 2009    Glorify Him      mp3
November 2009    In honour of Remembrance Day / Veterans Day
  When Duty Calls      mp3
October 2009    They Oughta Write A Song      mp3
September 2009    Something Worth Praying For      mp3
August 2009    Hellion      mp3
July 2009    Here I Am      mp3
June 2009    Places I Ain't Never Been      mp3
May 2009    A Cool Dry Place      mp3
April 2009    Your Love Is Like A Flame      mp3
March 2009    Dream Bigger      mp3
February 2009    Walls Or Bridges      mp3
January 2009    Grandpa's Napalm      mp3

December 2008    Christmas On The Range      mp3
November 2008    Blessed By The Bad     mp3
October 2008    Why Would I Want To     mp3
September 2008    Gotta Let A Little Rain Fall     mp3
August 2008    I Can't Make It Without You      mp3
  Who's This Woman      mp3
July 2008    Down By The Bonfire     mp3
June 2008    Can't Hide In A Small Town     mp3
May 2008    Every Now And Then     mp3
April 2008    Rain On Me     mp3
March 2008    Alberta Alzheimer Society CD project released March 16
  The Dancing Queen - Shawna Lynne      mp3
February 2008    Wings On Our Dreams      mp3
January 2008    I Wanna Live Like That      mp3

December 2007    It Wouldn't Be The Holidays      mp3
November 2007    A Bible In His Right      mp3
October 2007    Every Now And Then      mp3
  River Of Shame      mp3
September 2007    A Working Man's Hands      mp3
August 2007    Last One Standing      mp3
July 2007    Two Of The Lucky Ones      mp3
June 2007    Lonely Texas Night      mp3
May 2007    A Lesson From The River      mp3
  Times Like These      mp3
April 2007    Released to Canadian radio April 2
  What Would You Have Me Believe - Sean Hogan      mp3
March 2007    Cricket Symphony      mp3
  Stronger Than That      mp3
February 2007    Things I'd Change      mp3
January 2007    Carter Country All American Discount Auto Store      mp3

December 2006    Allelujah      mp3
November 2006    Plan B      mp3
October 2006    Dry By Now      mp3
September 2006    Ghost Over Bakersfield      mp3
August 2006    You're Gonna See Me Shine      mp3
  Even The Devil      mp3
July 2006    Standing On Your Shoulders      mp3
June 2006    First RCA single by Chris Young, 2006 Nashville Star
  Drinkin' Me Lonely      mp3
May 2006    Addicted To The Rain      mp3
April 2006    If I Can't Have Tomorrow      mp3
March 2006    The Days Of Me And You      mp3
February 2006    Stayin' Right Here      mp3
January 2006    The Old Piano      mp3
  Everyday Miracle     mp3

December 2005    Christmas On The Range      mp3
November 2005    Five Minutes With Jesus     mp3
October 2005    Mail Myself To Mexico     mp3
September 2005    That's Just Wrong      mp3
August 2005    A Slow Goodbye      mp3
July 2005    A Different Kind Of Lonely      mp3
  Tennessee Clay     mp3
June 2005    My Side Of The Mountain      mp3
May 2005    Great Strides      mp3
April 2005    My Forever Friend      mp3
March 2005    A Fool And Her Heart      mp3
  Help Me Help You      mp3
February 2005    I Want To Find Me      mp3
January 2005    Drinkin' Me Lonely      mp3

December 2004    One Perfect Christmas      mp3
November 2004    Hard Times Make Heroes      mp3
October 2004    Hillbilly Water      mp3
September 2004    The One He Lies With      mp3
  He'd Rather Ride A Dolphin      mp3
August 2004    One More Beautiful Lie      mp3
July 2004    Almost Doesn't Count      mp3
June 2004    Devil's Thumbprint      mp3
May 2004    Cloud Without Rain      mp3
April 2004    Uncle Hickory's General Store      mp3
March 2004    Until You Let Go      mp3
February 2004    I Want To See That City      mp3
January 2004    Only Better      mp3

December 2003    That's My Wish      mp3
November 2003    There's Still Time      mp3
October 2003    Blue Movie      mp3
September 2003    Tender To The Touch      mp3
August 2003    What Else Is There      mp3
July 2003    Between Goin' And Gone      mp3
June 2003    I Won't Be Gone That Long      mp3
May 2003    Tell Me When It's Over      mp3
  Hell To Pay      mp3
April 2003    The Way She Says My Name      mp3
March 2003    She Said Wyoming      mp3
February 2003    Roots      mp3
January 2003    Healin' Wind      mp3

December 2002    Sho 'Nuff      mp3
November 2002    I'm Not Ready To Do That Yet      mp3
October 2002    Chains      mp3
  Every Man      mp3
September 2002    Godspeed You Back Home      mp3
August 2002    What We're Fighting For      mp3
July 2002    Wanderer's Prayer      mp3
June 2002    Drown Me In It      mp3
  Harder Than It Has To Be      mp3
May 2002    Fire In The Rain      mp3
April 2002    Mama's Roses      mp3
March 2002    Destitute Heart      mp3
February 2002    Long And Lonely Nights      mp3
  Movin' The Mountain      mp3
January 2002    I Wanna Live Like That  female version      mp3
  I Wanna Live Like That  male version      mp3