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“LWC Favorites” CD

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2002 - 2010
All rights reserved

“LWC Favorites: Songs Of Larry Wayne Clark”

LWC CD cover I’m a songwriter who writes songs for other people to sing. Nothing gives me greater joy than hearing a truly blessed singer creating magic with a song that I’ve written, or had a hand in writing. I consider myself an okay singer in the right context, but as a creator of songs I feel I can go anywhere, soar without limitations through a variety of genres. The better the singer the greater the challenge.

I may belong to a fading breed but not in Nashville. Nashville’s streets teem with songwriters of every description driven by unparalleled dedication to their craft. It’s inspiring, and little wonder most of my writing and co-writing over the past 15 years has taken place in aptly-named Music City. Some of those songs (and it was pure hell selecting a mere 20!) appear on this CD. Many are demos—whether full-blown or “unplugged”—and several are masters that the singers have recorded for their own CDs. You’ll hear some wonderful young artists here (often the co-writers of the songs they appear on) . . . Halie Loren, Robin English, Andrea Pearson, Cathy-Anne McClintock, Bobby Wills, Erinn Bates, Shelly Rann, Shawn Dodd, and more . . . as well as a few of Nashville’s superb “hired guns,” the demo singers who dazzle us all with their speed, focus and imagination.

I’m proud of these songs and my thanks go out to all who have helped make them happen, starting with each and all of my gifted co-writers, as well as the singers, musicians and engineers who play such a vital role in turning raw ideas into substance, if indeed something as ethereal as a song can every be said to have substance. Songs, at least the ones that matter, float atmospherically around us permeating our lives deeply and invisibly. That’s what every songsmith dreams of coining: a song (or a bunch) that simply become part of our collective lives.

Thanks also go to the friends who urged me to do this project, especially Robyn Taylor-Drake and LuAnn Reid. I love you guys.

And, finally and most importantly, I dedicate this CD to my wife and partner in all things, Maggie Ross. Without your love and constant support these songs would not exist.

to hear songs from the CD         View CD insert (pdf opens in new window)

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